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Lincolnshire Wildlife
This year I decided to take my camera a bit further afield up to Lincolnshire to try and capture close-ups and behaviour of the seals at Donna Nook before the pupping season.

The Lincolnshire coastline is beautiful and you can see for miles. The number of seals in the colony I saw was astonishing. There was a mixture of Grey and Common Seas with a few youngsters about a year old on the outskirts of the group which made it easier for me to photograph them.

As you would expect in the first week of October the weather was mixed. On the Saturday it was a stormy day, but managed to get a few pictures before the heavy rain came down and despite wearing waterproofs I got completely soaked. On the Saturday the weather changed to a lovely sunny day and managed to get quite a few wonderful pictures before the tide came in and the seals went out to fish.

This was an amazing trip and one I hope to repeat next year.
Urban Badger
Over the last couple of nights it has been quite stormy with the thunder and lightening keeping me awake. Despite these storms it was still quite hot so I decided at about 2am to go to the kitchen for some water. As I looked out of the window I spotted something in the garden and to my surprise saw this little fellow.

So I grabbed my camera and managed to take this single shot before it trotted off. Now I know this is not the best picture of a Badger in the world, but for me just to see one in the wild is a privilege.
Playing In The Wild
I have been lucky on two occasions to be in the right place at the right time when photographing foxes and I did not have to go very far!

The first time was in March when a family of foxes came to the garden. There appeared to be two adults and two juveniles. One of the juveniles seemed a lot younger than the other as it would not stand still for a moment and was trying to chase and play, when all the others wanted to do was to relax in the sunshine.

I watched them for about ten minutes from an upstairs window before grabbing my camera and trying to take some pictures. This was one of my favourites.

(This fox was lying down trying to get some peace, but looked up just before the young juvenile came and pounced on him!)

The second time was in July and although I had seen the family come and go, this day was special. The young juvenile was on it's own and found an old tennis ball in the garden. It started to play by throwing the ball up in the air and trying to catch it...

...then, pouncing on it..., I can only assume it was trying to learn to hunt as I had not seen this behaviour before.

It has been such a privilege to watch them and have provided me with some of my favourite pictures of 2012. I hope to see them again in 2013.
Boat Trip
It all began in 2011 when I was walking along the beach on the south coast. There was a flock of seagulls trying to defend their territory, by swooping down to an object out at sea.

At first I could not make out what it was, so I got out my binoculars and to my surprise I saw a seal. It was the first time I had ever seen one in the wild as they are rarely seen in the area. Unfortunately my camera lens would not stretch that far to get a decent picture, so it became a project for 2012 to try and photograph some.

So in August I went on a short boat trip to try and get a little closer. The weather was not as I had hoped, it was a dull windy day and the water was a little choppy. This made it difficult to take pictures, but I still came away with a smile on my face and a few photos.

Here are some below.

Seal Group..

Common Seals..

Grey Seal..

To see the seals in the wild was such a highlight of 2012 for me that I am planning to go back in 2013.