Lincolnshire Wildlife

This year I decided to take my camera a bit further afield up to Lincolnshire to try and capture close-ups and behaviour of the seals at Donna Nook before the pupping season.

The Lincolnshire coastline is beautiful and you can see for miles. The number of seals in the colony I saw was astonishing. There was a mixture of Grey and Common Seas with a few youngsters about a year old on the outskirts of the group which made it easier for me to photograph them.

As you would expect in the first week of October the weather was mixed. On the Saturday it was a stormy day, but managed to get a few pictures before the heavy rain came down and despite wearing waterproofs I got completely soaked. On the Saturday the weather changed to a lovely sunny day and managed to get quite a few wonderful pictures before the tide came in and the seals went out to fish.

This was an amazing trip and one I hope to repeat next year.